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Tandem Jump: The Tandem Jump is a branch of skydiving, in which a person who has no knowledge of this activity jumps hooked to an instructor trough a harness.

Fun jump: They are jumps for those who already have the certification to jump alone; Only certified parachutists can do the free jumps.

For a tandem jump or if you are a parachutist:
If you wish you can book it and pay for it through our website.
If you want personalized attention, you can call our phones.
Or write us through our social networks We will schedule you and very soon you will be flying!

A Tándem jump cost: $550.000; Contact us at or our telephone lines to offer you the best service at the Best Price.

A tandem jump Costs: $ 600,000; Contact us at or our telephone lines to offer you the best service at the Best Price.

It is absolutely forbidden to perform any type of jumping off an airplane under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you have a special health condition you should consult with your doctors and they will give you the endorsement to carry out this activity, which you will present in certified stationery of the doctor, so we will attest to the concept you give us from your doctor and, under this proposal the jump will be entirely under your responsibility.

There are certain medicines that even when taken under facultative prescription could significantly reduce physical and / or psychic faculties that in turn could affect the safety of the jump, so parachute jumps should not be performed without prior consultation with your doctor who prescribed said medicine.

You sign an exemption where you accept to be in good health and without any medical restriction to jump. The reluctance or inaccuracy due to concealment of facts or circumstances that imply an objective aggravation of the state of risk for your health will be solely and exclusively under your responsibility.

You cannot carry any object for safety purposes.

If you have an object falling at more than 200 km / h:

– You can hit the instructor making him unconscious.

– You can lose it very easily

– That is the reason why our instructors take their camera, to film the whole experience.

To do a Tandem jump, you do not need to have any experience. The instructor will do everything for you. If you are a paratrooper you must present your book of jumps, your certificate of the course and your current license. If you are not current call our phone numbers and we will help you with your case.

Wear comfortable clothing for warmth, (sweatshirt, shorts etc.), V-neck t-shirts or
Round (non-collared), tied up trainers. Repellent, sunscreen, swimsuit
If you wish.

Youshouldnotwear accessories during the jump: (large or long earrings, candongas, chains, watches, bracelets, rings, expansions, cell phones, cameras).

Arrive one hour before the assigned shift for the jump. Carry the print or digital reservation.

Bring citizenship card, passport or legal identification document.

If you are underage: From 12 to 17 years of age you must show up with a letter of authorization from the two parents or legal representative notarized. One of the parents must be present and we will have to measure the harness to see that it can beadjusted to your size.

XIELO FLANDES: We jump on the weekends. To jump during the week we must have a minimum of people to be able to make the respective flights.

XIELO CARIBBEAN: We jump every day, we need a minimum of people to Be able to make a flight.

For safety purposes each person will jump with his instructor in turns, one behind the other.

Between group and group, there should be at least a gap of 6 seconds.

The reason why this is done is so that the opening does not have any entanglement among other groups of paratroopers.

The cameraman is only for one person. The cameraman will be able to film your friends or relatives ashore, inside the plane, just before jumping and landing, but not in free fall.

If you are at least12 and if the harness suits you, you can jump off a plane.

We do not have a maximum age, it all depends on the person’s medical condition.

Yes, we rent state-of-the-art equipment.

We rent the parachute, altimeter, helmet and glasses. (Ask for availability in the jump zone).

Mirage 2014 Containers

Safire domes 2 – Saber 2 from (170 ft. to 240 ft.)

AAD Vigil and Cypress 2014.

Benny Helmets all sizes

Analog altimeter in feet

Transparent plastic glasses, adjustable.

The AFF Course costs COP $ 3,900,000. Get in touch with us to know more details of this Experience.

XIELO FLANDES: It is located in Flandes Tolima 3 hours from Bogota, the capital. You will find it going to the Espinal on the way the Chorros. We do not have transportation, you must arrive on your own.

OFFICE XIELO CARIBE: Is on the road to the Sea, 45 min from Cartagena and 25 min from Barranquilla, entering the quarry La Fontana Via Tubara. Where we land is a different place to the office.

OFFICE BOGOTÁ: Bogota Kra 13 # 79 – 10 Container Office Floor 3 – Behind Atlantis

LINK GOOGLE MAPS OFFICE XIELO: – You can go up to a certain point with this link and then you can continue guiding with our map.

WAZE OFFICE XIELO: XIELO Paracaidismo – Tubará Atlántico

ZONE THE LANDING XIELO CARIBBEAN: We landed in the Private Beach of the condominium of Playa Mendoza to 8 minutes of the Office Xielo. The beach has a restaurant and you can go to enjoy the sea of good food and the landings of your family and friends.

WAZE FOR THE LANDING ZONE: PLAYA MENDOZA – We do not have transportation, you must arrive by your account


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