If you do not have experience and you want to reach the Xielo; The tandem jump is for you.

The Tandem Jump is a branch of skydiving, in which a person who has no knowledge of this activity jumps hooked to an instructor trough a harness!

Live skydiving in Colombia and know the best jump zone in the country, XIELO skydive!

The Tandem Jump is a branch of skydiving, in which a person who has no knowledge of this activity jumps hooked to an instructor trough a harness

Dare to experience skydiving! Jumping off a plane withXielo Skydivein Colombia, the safest way!Make a Tandem jump with the best Instructors.

You only need a short training before the jump. Once you receive those short Instructions, you will be ready to board the plane that will take you to 10,000 feet in height to perform the jump that will make you live the best experience of your life by falling over 200 km /h.

For safety purposes, this experience is carried out with an instructor.

All Tandems include Handycam video, professionally edited and with music on them.

Your instructor will carry a GoPro in his left hand (HANDYCAM), with it he will record all your experience: from the initial ground interview to your landing.

Are you interested in a better video and photos? Go to section: External Camera.

Tandem jump with external camera: The video from the external camera will be mixed and edited withyour instructor’s Handycam video. The end result will be an incredible video of the best experience of your life.

The Tandem includes 4 pictures that will be taken from the Handycam video that your instructor will do.

The four (4) photos included in your Tandem jump will be uploaded to an album on our XIELO Facebook Fan Page with additional download option on Google within 10 business days of your jump.


In our additional EXTERNAL CAMERA service, another parachutist (expert cameraman) will film and take the photographs of the whole experience, capturing the best moments and the landscape of the area where he decides to jump.

The external cameras will be subject to availability and availability of instructors. The external camera can be booked in advance and in the jump zone you will confirm the availability.

With or without external camera

If you have doubts, from Xielo we will solve them

Terms and conditions parachuting in Colombia

Read these documents in detail before making your parachute jump, here you will find important information about your safety and that of our parachutists:

Personal data processing policy

Terms and conditions Xielo

Basic Aeronautical Legislation of Colombia

Sports Aviation Regulations

Regulation of parachuting sport


Parachute Regulation

This document is being edited constantly
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