All of our instructors have been certified, instructed, studied and trained in international institutions and most of them come from North American skydiving schools, which belong to the USPA (which is a North American Skydiving Organization).


Instructors are those who have the certification and experience to take you connected to them through a harness during your whole flight until you land.You do not need any knowledge, just an explanation before the jump of 5 minutes.

Instructors are those who have the certification and experience to teach you and guide you throughout the learning process to become a certified parachutist.

Cameramen are those parachutists who have all the experience to capture in video and photography the best moments of your life. They use professional equipment, they will fly in front of and around you; to hand you the best memory.

They are instructors who have all the knowledge of Freefly style to instruct you, guide you and teach you this magic technique. Only for Advanced paratroopers.

Instructors: They are instructors who have all the knowledge on how to fly a wing suit. They will instruct you and guide you in this incredible wing suit world. Only for advanced paratroopers with 200+ jumps.

They are instructors who have all the knowledge on how to properly fly a parachute, they belong to the ALTER EGO PROJECT team created by the world champion Curt Bartholomew. They can teach you from the most basic knowledge to the most advanced knowledge. Only for paratroopers of any level.

They are parachutists with the knowledge to follow you teaching basic flight techniques after your AFF. Example: How to fly belly style correctly as well as other techniques. Only for paratroopers of any level.





Packersare people who have all the knowledge, experience to pack any parachute. They are certified by theRigger in our area.



It is the person in charge of receiving you in the area, explain the process and be your first accompaniment on the journey to know the sky.



Head of Operational Safety, supervise the personnel of athletes who come to the club to carry out sport activities, verify that they are affiliated with the Federation of aerial sports carry control of the log of jumps, magazine to the equipment of parachute to use by part Of the athletes reserve to the day that is in the established period, to make to the athletes the breafing of the zone for measures of security in the flight and landing, verifies the autonomy of the parachutist, to carry the documentation of the corresponding club before the federation of aerial sports , Bearing in mind that I am the president of the Xielo Parachute Sports Club, among



When you jump in tandem, you live a unique experience, so extreme and so full of adrenaline … an experience you do not want to keep just for you; Those memories, those feelings, that previous fear, the euphoria of the moment, the speed of the fall… you want to share all this with your friends and family; You want to recall your experience again and again … you can do that with the video and photography recording that XIELO gives you after your jump, and it is our editor who is in charge of complementing your experience by compiling it in that video that will transmit everything you lived and will put it at your disposal so that you can always repeat your flight among the clouds.



In Xielo our pilots accumulate an experience of more than 2000 flight hours, are specially trained and certified for parachuting air operations.



He is the person in charge of transporting all our paratroopers and students.



Ensure the correct storage and maintenance of the equipment used in the operation, control the jumps of the electrical equipment and the equipment of the students of the club, carry out maintenance of the card and second step, they pack the stores in the Washing of containers when it is warranted within the schedules, it takes the resume of each equipment, it takes the control of the safety devices to be sent to the respective maintenance to the home manufacturer

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